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Budsey’s policy excluded caretaker work provided by a spouse, the complaint said. “The surveillance confirmed that Budsey did not receive care and he did not need it,” the suit said. “The surveillance also confirmed that Budsey and Gubow are living together as husband and wife. Upon information and belief, this is because they have been married for all or substantially all of the period of Budsey’s claim for benefits.” During a January 2019 assessment, Budsey, now 60, site here had continued to tell Transamerica officials he needed a wheelchair and walker, as well as a urinal/bedpan. Suspicious

... [...]

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They found the two lowest income groups scored average on water use despite having a higher number of people living in each household. The middle-income group had high outdoor water use but ranked low in winter water use, signaling efficient indoor water appliances -- such as low-flow, high-efficiency... [...]

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“The impacts of lower fuel prices, production rate changes and, in some cases, a pause on construction are starting to ripple through the region,” he said While hospitality and retail sectors are garnering headlines for taking the brunt of the pandemic’s blow, Pomfrett said green shoots are starting... [...]

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Buffalo man arrested for criminal impersonation during traffic stop YORKSHIRE, see this page N.Y. (WIVB)– The New York State Police say they’ve arrested 24-year-old Muheydin A. Ismail of Buffalo for Criminal Impersonation in the second degree. State Police tell us they arrested Ismail during a N... [...]

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The site will be part of a network of self-driving vehicle test facilities across the country. The shift in liability for damages being directly recoverable from manufacturers is more likely to take place once technology advances to the stage of fully automated vehicles. If the risk of accidents... [...]

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with the highest share of women construction workers. Here are the top 20 large U.S. cities (population of 350,000 or more) by their share of female construction workers: SOURCE: Analysis of U.S. Census Bureau Data by Construction Coverage The number of women with the title construction manager i... [...]

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Under constant threat of attack, the unit embarks on a dangerous guerrilla operation, determined to wipe out an enemy base and restore order to the lawless territory. Loaded with incredible edge-of-your-seat action, fantastic performances from the entire international cast, and no American actors,... [...]

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Adding a Brachtherapy vault to the existing building. Contractor — J.E. Dunn Construction Company. Job valued at $2,200,000. 600 51st Ave. Footing and foundation for McAuliffe STEM Academy addition. Contractor — Derek Bestor. Job valued at $844,000. 3526 10th St. Remodel of Starbucks kiosk. http... [...]

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Dog training facility still waiting for town approval on addition Thank you for reading the Republican American. Please log in or Register to get your 5 free articles per week. Register WINSTED — Nearly a the full report year since announcing plans for an addition to their service dog training f... [...]

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“We know we need to continue pursuing safety measures, including education and support of enforcement, for the safety of everyone, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, motorists, and their passengers.” Of the 73 traffic fatalities logged from Jan. 1 to Nov. 24, 38 involved motor vehicle occupants,... [...]